Qilin Projects are an ambitious, growing, innovative UK property investment business based in Glasgow, UK

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At Qilin projects we work with a network of investors to buy UK property and refurbish to a high standard for either capital growth or income generation. We work with people who want to make better returns on their savings. We provide excellent investment opportunities offering high yielding returns of up to 10% pa on the amount invested. With typical savings in the bank of 0-1% and average inflation rates of 2.8%, your money in the bank is actually eroding value by just sitting there. Whether you're looking to get your foot in the door of property investment, or just want a higher return on your money, we can help. 

Our Services

'We aim to help investors of all levels of experience to make their money work harder for them through UK property'




You can invest with us with as little as £5000. Investment periods typically last between 12-24 months, however, this is negotiable. Head over to our interest calculator by clicking on the camera icon to see more.



We work predominately with Angel Investors wanting to make a better return on their money, typically offering between 8-10% interest. We are also open to Joint-Ventures, depending on the project and experience of the investor. Click the phone icon to get in touch.

Ethical Property


Qilin Projects wants to play its part in solving the U.K. housing shortage by purchasing run down, outdated properties and bringing them up to a high standard to provide a quality living standard for our customers. We believe everyone deserves a safe, warm, beautiful place to call home. Click the Home icon to see some of our recent work.





Do you know anybody who might be looking to invest?. If you put us in touch with someone and they invest we will happily pay you a referral fee. We are also excited to work with experienced sourcing agents, so if this is you, please get in touch. Click the person icon for more info.

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